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"Louis and I have worked closely on a range of high level, complex Human Capital projects including talent management, executive development, executive assessment, organizational design, culture, workforce planning and high performing teams. He has a rare ability to shift between conceptual thinking and real-world pragmatism and his insights about people, organizations, culture and systems, in my experience, are rich, deep and accurate. From brainstorming ideas to navigating the most challenging, political, tense dynamics, Louis demonstrates trust, commitment, camaraderie and candor. When you work with Louis, you feel like you are in the trenches together.  He is warm, welcoming, personable and authentic, balancing confidence with humility."

- Neil Jacobs, Founder and Principal, MindsOpen

"Louis helps executive teams rise to meet new challenges by providing them with support to sort through ambiguity, re-prioritize their agendas, address cultural needs, and enlist people in change efforts by engaging their best thinking and ideas. His natural executive presence is enhanced by his warmth, vitality and quick wit. He is at his best when engaging a group in an interactive learning process. He has a special rapport with young professionals and is passionate about mentoring. He is responsible, organized and diligent; a professional who shows up prepared and ready to give his best to whatever he commits to."


- Jennifer Purdon, Executive Coach and Consultant

"Louis can be counted on for his thoughtfulness and rigor.  He has never allowed himself to be limited by his existing expertise. Louis constantly scans the literature for new ideas and people who were driving the discipline forward. As a facilitator of Leadership Development programs, Louis was an accessible expert in that participants immediately respected him for his subject matter expert and would reach out to him for advice.  His ability to be successful in both results-driven and relationship-driven cultures is impressive!"   


- Lauren Ashwell, TACIT: Talent And Culture in Transition

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