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Achieving Clarity

“High-performing teams are synergistic social entities that work toward the achievement of a common goal or goals—short term and long term. Team members do better work when their roles are clear: They know how to do their jobs and why they are doing them. Each member must understand and support the meaning and value of the team's mission and vision. Clarifying the purpose and tying it to each person's role and responsibilities enhances team potential…" - Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), Developing and Sustaining High Performance Work Teams

At the simplest level a team is a collection of individuals who come together to achieve a goal. But high performing teams are far more than the sum of their aggregate performance. Harvesting the benefits from a diverse collection of individuals first requires work to achieve a mutually agreed-upon understanding of membership, purpose, trust and of intended outcomes.


We help teams to reach peak performance while they are engaged in doing their real work. Our view is that teams achieve high performance when they have clear guidelines for how they will work and when they can apply such guidelines while they work on real business challenges.

Case example: We worked with a senior team following a re-organization to develop a renewed mission, vision and values better aligned to the requirements of the new organizational design.

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