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Understanding Context

“There are other important topics to cover even before you meet the client. Among these are the client's prior development efforts, assessment data about the client that may be available, and existing development plans. It is also important to explore the client's key relationships, such as those with sponsors and with others in the client's organization (such as dotted-line managers, mentors, talent management professionals, and coaching coordinators).”Becoming an Exceptional Executive Coach, Michael H. Frisch, Robert J. Lee, Karen, L. Metzger, Jeremy Robinson, Judy Rosemarin

Executive coaching is as much about an effective process as it is fostering individual growth and development. Our goal is to create clear contracts and expectations for the engagement with sponsors and clients and to ground the work of coaching in business outcomes.

  • All of our coaching begins by understanding the context of the client and the organization in which they work.

  • We help the client become more cognizant of what they are doing and how they are showing up with those around them in light of their intentions. 

  • We help the client develop a personal vision and concrete actions that contribute to personal and professional change. 

  • We seek to explore without judgment, the organizational and personal context in which the client exists so that solutions make sense for the client and their organization.

Case examples: A Senior Trader, Investment Banking was challenged to establish her place on an all-male trading desk. Worked with her to develop her differentiated strength in developing high level client relationships.


Conducted onboarding coaching for an Executive Vice President, Financial Services who was entering a strong, traditional culture. Interviewed multiple stakeholders and wrote report outlining challenges and expectations. Coached him during his first six months transitioning into the organization.


A Senior Vice President (Managing Director candidate) Investment Banking, was charged with building a proprietary trading business leveraging quantitative data. Coached him on building his team and keeping key stakeholders engaged and aligned with his vision.

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